Looking for a Job

Side Hustle Cool features job listings from employers who:

  • 🙇‍♂️Respect that you can rock employment while also following your passion
  • 🏎️Love hiring people with drive and entrepreneurial ambition
  • 💼Aren’t going to claim the work you do on your own time

If you’re interested in finding an employer like that, you’re in the right place.

We are just finishing up the last details before our first release. Leave your email address 👇 to get first access before we open to the public.

What kind of positions will I find here?

Side Hustle Cool has positions in many fields, both full- and part-time. All roles allow (or even encourage!) having a side hustle in addition to the role being hired for.

Specific details of non-competes and IP ownership should still be addressed during the interview process.

Do I need a side hustle to apply for a position here?

Absolutely not! Many folks don’t have a side hustle currently but prefer roles that don’t restrict their future opportunities.

Since I’ll be hustling on the side, will employers have lower expectations of me?

Nope! While hiring companies love folks with side hustles for their entrepreneurial spirit, their expectations of candidates are the same — or even higher — relative to candidates without a side hustle.